High imitation of time dynamics

In the absence of power before a judge show function, mechanical rolex replica power left is trouble, although most of the wrist on the table has a semi automatic chord function, but is in a car without oil exposure meter transport, that can not be lost a sense of your palm will oil however. Now a lot of power storage show watch came into being, want to fully control the time how can you lose? What is the power storage exposure? With a power storage function replica watches meeting revealed through a window in the dial on the show, also called ray exposure can test + windows for mechanical watch, the moon also revealed demand before running for a long time, the quartz watch, then reveal the battery power level. Mechanical equipment to supply the power of the clock, if it is not out of date on the wind, it may be allowed to go, or even stop. The earliest power storage revealed in a few hundred years ago the navigation clock, when ships at sea, to rely on luck precise marine chronometer to calculate longitude and ensure the safety of navigation. How to determine the level of power watch technology show? But today, no doubt also and the power storage Tourbillon also became one of the insignia exhibits its superb tabulation process technician. There are two main criteria for the reputation of the clock industry to store power: one is the power of the long, that is, to keep the wrist on the rolex replica lucky power storage as long as possible. The second is to test the speed of the ray + falling average better. If a wrist watch more and more quickly attenuatedwhen it can test the + strand, will not go. So, the wrist on the table can have longer test + ray attenuation, the more average, to watch technology is higher and higher. The new power show watch recommendation: PERREGAUX Traveller series calendar moon phase: 46 - hour standby power The Traveller calendar moon phase watch default retention in the fashion of the time, a strong sense of modern collocation depicted details; stainless steel case is composed of 30 components, lighting and caress workmanship and meticulous precision modification. White dial preset to micro dome augmentation revealed more time coming to the fore, inclined minute scale add depth sense of hierarchy, people who do things when the direction of the central inlaid luminous, make the line of sight to converge on the function of each function revealed; by GP PERREGAUX core drive semi homemade GP03300 automaton, hour and minute hands with luminous disposal, 12 remember there is a large GP micro calendar window, 7:30 month pointer indicating the number of seconds between small clocks on the 4:30, as the power reserve function revealed, carry out their duties, balanced and innovative layout, elegant exposure time.